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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Newest Follower

I think it's only fitting to celebrate my newest follower.
Although you won't find her listed as a "follower",
you can be certain she's checking out the posts.
She has At Home With The Hinsons
bookmarked on her desktop.
Wanna know who this shout out is for?

I'm not really sure how it happened,
but boy am I glad it did.
She jumped aboard this crazy ride through cyberspace.

Over the years there were many ways 
I've wanted to be just like my Nanny,
when I grow up.
The woman that could run a nursing home,
care for her family, 
and still find time to pitch a game of softball.
She's loved me more than the law should allow.
Her cooking is the best that's ever been.
And she's as feisty as the day is long.

Her willingness to own her first computer
and determination in learning to navigate it
is absolutely inspiring. 
This latest feat just proves that my Nanny
loves her family,
more than a hog loves slop...
and that's a lot of love!
Thanks for helping me welcome Nanny to our blog-a-sphere!
God's blessings friends, Sarah :D


Rachel McPhillips said...

Haha.. gotta love a good Nanny stalker! :)

Jennifer said...

Welcome Nanny!!!!!

The Sanders said...

Beautiful! You really love your Nanny!

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