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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Boys' Bedroom Makeover: Day 1

Hi all, happy Saturday!
This week was super busy.
So I gotta tell ya,
I'm glad it's finally the weekend. :)

As you know I promised to start
the boys' room makeover after vacation.
I want it done before they start back to school.
Since there's no time like the present,
I chose today as my start date.

This morning the boys and I
picked up all the needed paint supplies.
We had to get both navy and orange for the stripes.
We also scored some cute Auburn wall decals.
Joseph was great picking out the colors.
And really, as long as they're happy
with the results, then I'm happy.

After lunch the work began.
But before I could start painting,
I had to rearrange the furniture.
Now let me say I thought this
would be a quick task.
To move one desk out and one bed in,
I had to take three doors off the hinges
disassemble and reassemble the bed.
Oh, and don't forget wash all the linens.
Five hours later I revealed phase 1
of the room makeover to the boys.
The original layout had the beds in an L shape.
Needless to say, it didn't work.
So even though the windows are partially covered,
we like this arrangement much better.

Tomorrow after church I'm planning
to tape off the walls for the stripes.
If that goes well (read: quick)
then I'll gladly start painting.
Truth be told, painting's my favorite part!

The boys' are loving their work in progress room.
James' keeps asking if he can sleep
in Joseph's room tonight.
Each time I reply "No,
but you can sleep in your new room."
He thinks that's awesome!

So now that I'm good and tired,
I'm needing some feedback.
Do tell, what do you think??


Jennifer Murray said...

love it. I don't think the window being covered is a big deal at all! can't wait to see the walls painted!

Leslie Hughes said...

i can never arrange a room without something being in front of the window. This sounds like enough work to totally wear you out. It's a good thing you had those nice strong boys to help. =) I'm glad James and joseph are both excited. That makes everything easier.

Rachel McPhillips said...

Looks great so far!!! Can't wait to see the finished product.. we are going to have to do a home tour to show off our new stuff to each other!

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