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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Cabinets That Time Forget

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday!
Today the boys and I are cleaning out and straightening the house.
Why you ask??
We're having a yard sale this Thursday and Friday.
That's right, I know what you're thinking.
We did just have our first yard sale a month ago.
Apparently cleaning out closets and cabinets is quite addictive.
You'd be amazed by the calm and peace that comes from being able to put your clothes IN your dresser drawers.
I really wanna keep this good thing going.
I know, I guess I'm a bit high maintenance like that!

I started in the kitchen early this morning, before the boys were up.
The whole new fridge saga from last week did a number on my tiny kitchen.
To say the mess made me nervous and crabby was an understatement!
My first step of this intervention was doing the dishes.
Then I decided to scrub the sink.
Ooohhh, it looks so good... the Fly Lady would be so proud!
My next step was cleaning out a few of the cabinets.
We have this very deep, awkwardly placed cabinet.
I shall name it, The Cabinet That Time Forgot.
Until today it was home to the bread and chips.
Picture a pack of hot dog buns past their prime.
Nope, not good.
I decided to make the most of it's space, so it now houses extra napkins and paper towels.
Gotta love a well stocked kitchen when it's organized!
Wanna know what item (so far) won the title "Longest Forgotten"?
Bisquick that expired, May 2008.
Can we just say Hardees' drive thru gravy and biscuit?!

Now I'm on to the boys room.
If you don't hear back from me by end of the week, send help!!
God's blessings :D


Kelly B said...

Too funny!! We are having a garage sale this weekend. This Saturday, three streets in our neighborhood are having a huge garage sale. I may be able to have my own store. Funny part is that I am planning on having the kids sell popsicles and lemonade. I am so pathetic that I am actually coming up with ways to "Decorate" the garage sale. Yes, I need help. I have to remind myself I am not opening a store.... but it is fun!! Good luck with yours!! That bisquick isn't so bad. I found canned goods 2 years expired this past spring. Ewww!! i need one of those shelves that pulls out. The stuff in the back is too hard to get to so it just sits. I wish I could get my boys to help. They aren't too good with teamwork right now. Maybe cleaning out the pantry will teach them a lesson... scientific and socially.... ;0)

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