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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Knife Throwing Contest

Hi all!
If you remember, a few weeks ago, we developed a "summer fun" system.
It's a way for us to actually do all the fun things we dream about, when summer kicks off.
We wrote all our ideas on slips of paper.
Then, once a week, we draw an activity.

Our first activity drawn was a knife throwing contest.
Between t-ball, our yard sale and just life in general we got a bit behind.
But today we FINALLY got around to having our contest! :)

The boys decided to make a new target.

We added in some points for those of us who are challenged-
+ 1 point for actually hitting the board
+ 1 point for style (like the time I hit the bird house).

The game ended with Joseph in first place and James in second.

Great job boys!

On a side note:
For those of you thinking that knife throwing contests might not be your cup of tea. I ask you to remember this... the time we spend with our children is about making memories, learning teamwork, and building relationships. It's never really about the activity itself. There are a million other things I might rather be doing, but no other people I'd rather be doing them with.
And one day, there won't be anyone wearing olives at my dinner table.

Or falling asleep in my bed.

That's when I'll miss silly activities like knife throwing contests.
So today, I chose to soak them up!


Suzanne said...

I think that is so cool!! Reminds me of our Christmas jar... although, no knife throwing at Christmas! ha!

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