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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday's Winnings ;>

Hi everyone! I couldn't wait to share my winnings with you from earlier this afternoon. After a long, exhausting, drama filled day I paid a visit to my neighbor's house. Sure, I wanted to say hello. But, in all honesty, it was the tables full of boxes that I was most interested in. It seems that Ms. Nancy's grand-daughter is the Captain of the Color Guard at CHS. Their fundraiser for the fall is a one day-18 girl yard sale. And today was the drop off day. For a mere $20 (or twenty-twen-twen as James likes to say) I shopped all my worries away. I found a fab-u-lous basket I plan to use for magazines, two like new picture frames, and several other treasures. I'd consider that Wednesday's Winnings!

Here's James' with his $2 basketball return. That'd be the yellow thing on the bottom of the goal. It keeps the ball from flying all over the place (especially from hitting my nearby windows). He was so proud of his purchase and that he saved about $15 off of the retail price!


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