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Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Not Me Monday

Hi and happy Not Me Monday!
Monday started very early here At Home With The Hinsons.
We (as in Joseph) had summer football workouts starting today.
Since I was up early I thought I'd make the most of it.
When I picked up Joseph from practice, at 8:30 (yes, AM) I HAD NOT already accomplished the following things...
1. Clean both full bathrooms.
2. Shower and dress (that'd be with fresh hair, makeup and accessories).
3. Feed 2 boys breakfast.
4. Have everything together for running errands.
5. And finally, have both boys dressed for the day.
Guess that's why by 1pm, as I zoned out online for a few minutes, I let Joseph teach James how to play poker.
My rules you ask?
Only that they not argue!
So now I'm off to get James' t-ball uniform ready.
Tonight's the last game of the All Stars!
Have a great afternoon :D


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