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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Pool Day

Hi everyone, Happy Thursday!
The Hinsons spent the morning at the pool with our friends.
Here's the scoop-
As we were loading up on goggles and sunscreen at Walmart, my cell rang...
It was Jennifer telling me that there were twelve bus loads full of kids at the Aquatics Center...
Excuse me, WHAT??
Yep, she wasn't kidding.
When I got there and walked upstairs to the track I saw this...

And that my friends was just half of the gym.
There had to be ATLEAST 200 hundred children.
Yes, I totally agree...
I vomited in my mouth too!

So, what's a mom to do?
We skipped our workout, dashed out to the pool and claimed our chairs in the sun.
I think having tired and satisfied children is worth more than any weight loss.
And luckily, Jennifer agreed.
Guess that's why we're friends, because we're both brilliant like that! ;>

We spent several very dizzying hours chatting and trying to keep up with our kids.
Yes, the kids waited in line to go down the slides and us moms proudly paid "confession stand" prices for PB&J and popsicles.
Here's James posing while Drake finished his snack.

Last but not least, I think I've found a way to lure Andy to the Aquatics Center with us.
Check out this adorable lifeguard...

If she were any cuter Baywatch would be filming!
I'll keep ya posted on wether he takes that bait.

God's blessing on your afternoon!


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