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Friday, August 21, 2009

$10 Gift Exchange

Since the boys started back to school,
Andy and I have a new routine.
We have a standing date for lunch on Fridays.
We enjoy good food, conversation and company.
For today's lunch Andy suggested we exchange gifts.
Our gifts couldn't exceed a $10 limit.
Hhhmmm, how I love a good challenge!
After a week of brainstorming and shopping around for bargains I came up with my inspiration...
A tutorial from Susie Harris on how to do a Pottery Barn painting recreation.

But, instead of normal typography I put a LOST spin on it.
LOST is Andy's favorite show and he loves collecting memorabilia!

Here's how I pulled it off.
First I took an old canvas and painted it with some leftover interior latex paint.

I traced off circles and painted them in with my one purchase for this project, black craft paint.
Since this was my first painting I had to touch up a few mistakes.

After a little practice I added in the infamous LOST numbers.

I also freehanded some accents.

After a little antique glazing it's all done!
What do you think?
Andy loved it, HOORAY!!!
He's already put it in his Man-Room. :D

And now here's what my Big Daddy of Love surprised me with...
He purchased the trivet for $4 and then got the candles on sale at the Hobby Lobby.

Now, here's the best part.
He scored an antique wooden cheese box for $2!!!

It reminds me of the boxes I've drooled over from Layla's kitchen over at The Lettered Cottage.

Look at how FABULOUS it is.
He earned major style points today!

Thanks for joining in on our fun.
God's blessings on your weekend!


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