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Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy WBW!!!

Hi everyone!
As a Lactation Consultant I always look forward to World Breastfeeding Week.
I love this year's theme.
It's my philosophy that breastfed babies really are ready for anything!
And why wouldn't they be??
Breastfeeding provides them with...
Physical Interaction,
Higher IQ,
Greater Immune System,
Better Visual Acuity,
and provides them with a decreased risk of...
Ear Infections,
last but certainly not least,
All that AND attractive containers?!
Oh yeah, breastfeeding is definitely the way to go!
The greatest part is that breastmilk is dose related.
So even if you didn't exclusively breastfeed your baby for the first year,
your sweet infant will always benefit from the breastmilk they did receive.
High-five to Mama's everywhere!
God's blessings on this fun week, Sarah :D


Kelly B said...

I have nursed all 5 of mine and can't imagine not doing it. I am still nursing my 10 month old and will until he is 12 months. there is nothing better than looking don and seeing them stare up at you with their huge eyes and smile. I admit the teeth make it a little bit more uncomfortable, but I know I am going to cry my eyes out when I have to stop. ;0(

Anonymous said...


Twitter: AboutParenting

Our Family of 5 said...

Hey Sarah,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. The camper has been so much fun. We have spent a lot of time cleaning it up and visiting garage sales to get it all stocked up.
This particular one is a 1991 Starcraft and in great shape. It doesn't have Air, but we can have it put in if we want and no potty. But you can buy portable potty's to take, but we just stay close to the bath house's and it works out pretty good. This one sleeps 6-8 people. So, hubby and I and the 3 kids and the big kids can both take a friend and we are all comfy.
You have a beautiful family!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

It's been a struggle with both kids, but I am a committed BF as well :)

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

How did you get into this line of work? Are lactation consultants nurses?

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