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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Socks & SEVEN

Happy Tuesday loved ones.
While eating lunch I had some random thoughts to share...

First off, I wanted to say that I'm making it through the days without my boys.
Although I miss them dearly, I'm enjoying whipping my house into shape.
My plan is to have it cleaned, organized and decorated before next summer.
So that I won't feel bad about playing with the kids while letting everything fall behind, again.
I think I've discovered a cycle that will keep me moving in the fall,
and slow me down in the summer!
I promised Andy that I would match all the lonely socks before next May.
Please know that ALL equals two baskets FULL!
I thought I should set an appropriate timeline.
It's all about what works,
RIGHT?! ;>

Now on to bigger things.
Last night James was asking when his next birthday was.
(You know he's all about any holiday or event that involves money.)
I told him his birthday was in three months and he'd be turning
And that my friends is when the elephant jumped right onto my chest!
My BABY will be turning SEVEN in three months.

Up until this point Andy and I have had a good little system worked out.
You see I fret over the oldest child ( Joseph ) and he worries about the youngest child ( James ).
It's not that we have favorites, it's just how it works.
Prime example...
I cried my eyes out over Joseph turning 13, while Andy laughed at me.
Andy was a little sad about James starting first grade.
I guess I've always been sentimental about our oldest growing up.
While in the back of my mind I've thought at least James is still the baby.
That is until last night when the big number SEVEN slapped me across the face.

I'm really sad that now my baby is growing up too.
I love being a mom and I know I'm being selfish but I'm not ready to give that up.
Could we please slow the sand in the hourglass?
What if I promised to match all the lonely socks before September??


Kelly B said...

My oldest is 9 and my youngest is 11 months, but I have such a hard time with them getting bigger. Holy cow! Every time we have to go get a larger size clothes, I could just cry. I know I will lose it when my daughter gets her first bra. Dear me! I can't even bear to think about that one....

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