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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Hinson Boys Learn How To Shave

As part of our "Man Project",
Andy taught the boys the basics of shaving.

Of course he told them things I wouldn't have known.
It seems that shaving facial hair is quite an art.
Joseph did a beautiful job with his first time to shave.
He was starting to look like a catfish.
So even though it makes me sad to think about my baby shaving,
he really needed to!

James as usual, provided us with comedic relief.
He is so fun loving that he can turn an educational moment into a party!

Enjoy our video and as always,
thanks for joining us here At Home With The Hinsons.


Rachel McPhillips said...

I think James is my favorite part of the whole video. Poor JoJo getting overshadowed by the Wild Child! Joseph sure is growing up fast!

Shari said...

Oh my! I know I will be having a boy that shaves soon as well! Monumental moment! :-)

Allison said...

Ok, this makes me very sad:( Little Joseph is not big enough to shave. Just like my Tori is not big enough to HAVE to shave her armpits. Why do they have to grow up???

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