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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Football and Five Dolla In Ya Pocket

Hi friends!
I can't believe it's already Wednesday.
This week has been so crazy busy!

Football practice has cranked up for Joseph.
He starts full pad practices tomorrow.
I'm dosing him with bananas, almonds and lots of water...
icing down sore muscles...
and some Ibuprofen for his achy body!
Honestly, did we sign up for this?! ;>

James is really into working odd jobs,
for pay of course!
That child would rather make money than play with his friends.
This is a conversation he recently had with Andy...
"Daddy sometimes ya know, ya just don't feel like workin',
BUT, you just gotta MAN UP and do it anyway.
Because when you get home,
it feels good to kick back with a five dolla in your hand."
Yeah, I'd say he'll have lots to tell Dr.Phil and Oprah about!

Before I run, here's a quick pic of how I found James only moments ago...

He was hiding in a box in my office,
mad because it was time for chores...
you know, working for FREE!!!

I hope your all having a great week as you prepare for back to school mania!
God's blessings, Sarah :D


Booklover1212 said...

Too cute about the picture!! That is one resourceful kid! Hope football practice goes well and there aren't too many bumps & bruises!

~ Jennifer

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