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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Balanced Parenting

Hi all!
I hope your having a spectacular day.
It's a bit gloomy here but after all the gorgeous weather we've had,
I've decided I can handle a few gross days.
We had ball practice last night so really,
I'm just glad to be inside.
Speaking of ball practice,
Andy & I had a great conversation on the way home and I just had to share.

First let me say that with Joseph approaching the high school years,
we've had LOTS to discuss.
Really, you should hear Andy and I get going.
The wisdom we throw out during these conversations is quite comical!
But, our talks have also clarified our parenting philosophy.

Which leads me to last night's quote from yours truly.
"The key to parenting is to raise your child with love & attention balanced with consistency & discipline."

Now let's break it down.
If I only parented my children with love and attention,
I would raise spoiled brats!
They'd make the rules.
I would lavish them with their heart's desire.
They'd have great self esteem but lack balance.
My role wouldn't be that of a parent
it'd be more like a friend.

If I only parented my children with consistency and  discipline,
I'd have little soldiers.
They would have routine & respect,
but they'd lack a soft place to come home to.
In this situation my role would be like that of a drill sargent.

It's important to remember that we're only entrusted with our children for a short time, and really, they belong to God all along.

So, give your children your time, attention, affection and make those fun memories.
Then balance it out with structure, responsibility, respect and consequences.
You'll be doing your best to raise well rounded adults.
Your child and the rest of the world will thank you. :)


Andy said...

Awesome!! Although it is easier said than done, that is absolutely the way to raise our children.

I will take it a step further and add for those who need to hear it, one of my favorite things you tell the kids.

"God did not put me on this earth to be your buddy, your pal, and your friend. He put me here to be your Mother! When you turn 30 is when we can discuss my being your buddy, your pal, and your friend!"

Thanks for the wonderful wisdom. I am going to set you up for a guest appearance over at Life Advice.

Love you,

Big Daddy

Kala said...

Wonderfully and wisely said Mama Hinson, and might I add I LOVE Andy's quote as well :) Keep up the great work at being well balanced parents.

Stacey said...

Very well written!!! & so completely true:)

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