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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Burlap Lamp?!

Hi all!
Have you seen all the fabulous burlap decor going on lately?
I'm always so impressed with trash to treasure projects,
so today I'm sharing one of my on.
Here's what happened,
Saturday was beautiful, too beautiful to stay inside cleaning.
So I had Andy pick me up a can of spray paint, 
& I dug out a lamp I'd been planning to redo for some time.
I wish I had the before picture,
but since I don't  just picture glass, shiny gold & h-o-m-e-l-y.
I'd ripped it apart months ago 
so all that was left was to tape it off and paint.
The sunshine combined with the paint fumes were invigorating!
James said Mama, this reminds me of the summer. :)
I gave everything a quick layer of brushed Nickel.
Once my paint was drying I moved on to the lamp shade.
I picked up a yard of burlap for $2.47 at the Wally World.
To cover the shade I cut my fabric in strips.
I started by tucking the sides in between the white fabric.
Note: I am certain that this is not the official way to recover a lamp shade. 
I tried to secure the fabric with my hot glue gun.
Before I knew it, I was frustrated & it just wasn't working.
I'd already cut my fabric so I was limited on how to proceed.
It was Saturday afternoon and I refused to make a return appearance to Wally World for more fabric!
That's when I decided to put my Crop-a-dile to use.
When I bought it the package claimed to work on fabric,
so I figured it was worth a try.
After much wrapping, stretching & wrestling I had my fabric secured.
Next I moved on to reassembling my lamp.
Let me say it was so much more fun taking it apart.
After I figured out how it went,
I added a little hot glue to hold everything back in place.
Once I had my lamp put back together I took it back outside.
I added my lampshade and trimmed up the top layer of burlap.
Note to self: Working with burlap is really messy.
Finally, here's the BIG burlap lamp reveal. :)
This is Andy's bedside table so it's only fitting that his lamp have a beachy vibe.
And  I couldn't help but add a little accessory to the shade.

Looking back on the project there are a lot of things I would have done differently.
But, I'm happy enough to leave it as is for now.
Note to Andy: Thanks honey for not falling over in laughter when I told you I was redoing your lamp with burlap.
You're the best!

So do tell, what do you think??
Are some things better off without burlap
or is anything fair game?! ;)

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Kelli @ RTSM said...

Cute lamp! I bought a Cropodile at Walmart about a month ago on clearance...I still haven't used it though! And I worked on a wreath today with burlap and it was all over my clothes before I finished!

Amanda said...

That turned out really well! I also did a lamp redo with spray paint & burlap, but I haven't got around to blogging about it yet. And mine has a sand dollar hanging like your starfish. Great minds think alike! =)

Meg said...

Very cute! I like the look of it. It's smartly done. Great job!

Struggler said...

Well done for persevering - I would have gone off in a sulk, for sure. I love the little ornament you added!

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