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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Cured the Mid-Week Blahs

Hi all!
Is anybody else feeling the mid-week blah's today??
I'm not sure if it's this week's slightly overcommitted schedule,
the weather or both but I'm feeling a little B-L-A-H.
So instead coming home and cleaning house
after working with Andy this morning,
I took a little detour.
Now in all honesty,
I did have to swap something.
But, while I was there I lingered.
Just walking around, looking, dreaming...
all in my on little world.
Sometimes I think it does a girl good
just to spend an hour with no real purpose. :)
After exchanging my bra
and picking up a small throw rug,
food and water bowls for the dogs
and a food bowl for the cats,
I left $21 and a whole lot of gloom lighter.
Thanks Tuesdays Mornings for the little pick me up.
I'm ready to tackle the world again! ;>


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