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Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Cured the Mid-Week Blahs Part 2

Hi all!
I felt it only fitting to give you
part 2 of yesterday's story.
You see I did some shopping, house keeping
and then headed off for our Wednesday Lenten Service.
Now while my trip to Tuesday Morning's may have lifted my mood,
my time of worship refilled my heart.
My sweet hubby posted about last night's message
on his blog, Life Advice.
Check it out, it'll do your heart good
to find out the similarities between Jesus & Chess. :)


Double Wide Mom said...

Hi Sarah! Your blog is B-U-tiful! Shopping is a Biblical coping mechanism, isn't it? I love to read what the guys have to say so I'm on my way to check out your husband's blog. Have a sunny day!

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