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Monday, March 1, 2010

Turning James Into Thing 1!

Hi all, I hope you're having a fabulous start to your week.
As you probably know today is Dr. Seuss's birthday.
James' school is celebrating all week long with some fun activities.
Today's agenda??
Dress up like your favorite Dr. Seuss character.
When I asked James who he wanted to be 
it was only appropriate that he replied Thing 1.
Those of you who know my boys are already aware 
that they really do act like Things 1 & 2. :)
So, how to create our costume?
Luckily we bought the boys Thing 1 & 2 t-shirts years ago.
James outgrew his,
but he had inherited Thing 1.
I knew I could pick up some red pants,
so my only real concern was the wig.
When I checked online I could order a blue wig,
but I refused to pay express shipping.
I found a few people who had colored their hair.
Umh, no thank you!
They only thing left to do??
Bust out a Thing 1 Blue Wig Crafty Creation. 
With the boys in tow, 
off to Hobby Lobby we went.
After poking around for awhile,
I had everything I needed.
I must have seemed very self assured 
because when I asked the lady,
"Do you think this is gonna work?"
she replied "Honey, if anybody's got a chance at pulling it off, you do"!
Whew, good answer! 

My thoughts were to have my wig fit like a shower cap.

My first attempt used a round piece of fabric.
It didn't turn out that great,
so I quickly moved on.
Remember, I can sew squares.
With that in mind I decided to stick with what I knew.

I turned down the edges and pressed it.
Then I stitched my corners so that I had a tunnel
all the way around AND they weren't too ugly.

I was starting to believe I could pull this off. 
With my confidence boosted I kept going.

I grabbed my elastic and pinned a safety pin through the end.
I think maybe I've seen real seamstresses do this before.

With my elastic in place I pulled it together.
Good bye square, hello bonnet!

With my scalp  base made,
now it was time to add the hair.
This yarn was a really little more than I wanted to pay.
But it was the perfect color.
And let me tell you, 
it's so soft I wanna learn how to crochet just to use it again.
Focus, focus.

To make my hair plugs I wound my yarn around my fingers several times.
After I had a good bunch I laid it on the fabric and stitched it in place.
I used my Brother and other than occasionally getting yarn stuck around the footer,
my machine never missed a beat.
I did however lose the tips of several nails but no pain no gain, right?!

After all my yarn hair was sewn in place I needed to test it out.
Who better to model my Seussical wig
than Daddy Seuss himself??
This is his Thing 1 pose,
oh and pay no attention to the mess behind him.
Remember my mission yesterday was sewing,
not cleaning. 

After plugging in a few more spots I called in Thing 1 himself.
He was beaming with pride.
Look at his little dirty face glowing!

After prying it away from him for the night
I gave his wig a trim.
Who needs precise yarn hair measurements
when you can just trim it up later??
James woke up bright and early this morning,
ready to make his transformation.
Once he was dressed he gave me his best Thing 1 smile.

Thing 1 wig from the front.
It looks a bit lop sided in this photo.

Thing 1 wig from the back.
So do tell, what do you think??
I'm pretty proud of myself and
I think I pleased my little character too!


Andy said...

Awesome. I believe that's the most hair I have had since we've been married. If I get a notion for more hair, I'm definitely calling you before the hair club for men.

Proud of you,

Bog Daddy

The Sanders said...

Fantastic!!! You are a talented girl! Kudos to you.

Jennifer said...

That looks fantastic... you did a great job! It really completed his costume... what a fun school day!! :)

Pam @ Design Fanatic said...

Wow Sarah, you are clever! I would have never thought of that!
Thanks for commenting on my blog.
I love the scripture reference you have on your header.

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

That is BRILLIANT!!! I would have never thought to do that and might have to copy you at some point for Halloween. Love his proud face!

Kala said...

You've got to be the greatest mom EVER! That's the cutest thing I've ever seen. You know he will always remember that day and how you made his costume.

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

That is awesome! Cute idea! I featured this at Grab my "featured" button.

Anonymous said...

Love it! You are such a cool Mom!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. (Love the background on yours!)

Anonymous said...

Very cute idea! I'm sure he's loving it!

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