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Monday, September 28, 2009

Sew Sista Sew

Hello, hello!
As you know I've been working on my Sunday School classroom.
One of the biggest obstacles in transforming this room was the old-lady-mint-green-wall color.
And yes, I'm most certain that was the name on the paint can!
Instead of spending my resources repainting the walls a more appealing color, I decided to view it as a design dilemma.
I focused on curtains for the three windows in the classroom.
Remember this fabric??

Yes, it was all ready and waiting for me.
So I declared last Friday as my Sew Sista Sew day.
After dropping off the kids at school I started my sweat shop.
My first job was to cut the fabric.
All I could think the entire time was...
The First Cut Is The Deepest, Baby I Know, The First Cut Is The Deepest!

Luckily my good friend Allison had convinced me to purchase one of these bad boys.
It made my day SO much easier.
For $6 it was worth every dime!

After cutting all the fabric it was time to crank up the iron.
Whew, finally something I'm good at.

Once all my fabric was ready it was time for the stitching to begin.

WOW, who knew sewing could be fun??
Here's the curtain once all the panels were sewn together.

Now I must tell you that at this point I did decided to line the curtains.
That called for a trip to the fabric store, and an extra $21.
I began to wonder, if the fabric for the lining costs more than the fabric on the front, does that mean you should hang the curtains backwards?!
No fear, I chose to add a little fun trim to the front.
Just because I'm a beginner seamstress doesn't mean I can't attempt cuteness! ;>

TADA the end result of one very long day...

I was so excited about the results that I called my mom to tell her all about them.
This is how I summed it up...
Mom I'm so proud of these curtains I wanna hang them out my car windows and drive around town so people can see them!
Sad I know, but really, who knew that Sometimes Crafty Sarah could be transformed into Sewing Sista Sarah?!
Now tell me, what do ya think??
God's blessings on your week! Sarah :D


Allison said...

I think they turned out super cute. The little red balls made them though. I can't wait for the picture of them hanging in the room. I am very proud of you:)

Amber said...

Very cute!!! Good Job!

Audra Lynn said...

Great curtains!

Anonymous said...

So proud of you!! You did a great job on those curtains!!


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

The trim makes all the difference - super cute!

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