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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Decorating on a Dime

Thanks to everyone for your comments on our recent yard sale adventure.
Since you saw the before pics,
I thought I'd share how I've used a couple of my treasures.

We'll title it Decorating On A Dime??...
ummh now that's a little misleading,
it's more like Decorating On A Quarter
but that's not as catchy so we'll leave it as is.

Ok, ya still with me?

The 25cent yellow frame before.

The frame after a little love.

The great thing is I had the ribbon just waiting for a project to come along.
I even printed the pic on my new (to me) printer.
What product display shelf is complete with a cute logo?! :D

Next is the $2 canoe shelf.
Here's the before shot.

After finding a new home and some friends to decorate it with.

Nope it's not perfect, but's it's not bad at all.
I think it's great for some of our beachy finds from vacation.
The boy's bathroom needed something a tad manly.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Decorating On A Dime. ;>
God's blessings on your day! Sarah


Stephanie Elder said...

So, I know that it may seem a bit "stalkerish" (I make up my own words ), but I read your blog all the time. Sometimes I forget to tell people how much I enjoy their blogs-so...I really enjoy your blog. :) You seem to have the sweetest family...and the cutest ideas for your yard sale finds. Keep up the great blogs!

Kelly B said...

It looks great!! Now I have even more to wrestle people for at the garage sales...!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great finds! Love how both of your projects turned out!

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