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Friday, September 18, 2009

What Happens When Boys Play With Dolls

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of babysitting for one of my best-est friends.
She had a parent-teacher conference to attend and thought Callie might be a distraction.
Since I'm always looking to balance out our boy/girl ratio, I was happy to help.
Being the super mom that Allison is she brought snacks and toys along with a fully stocked diaper bag.
Which was probably a good idea, I hear that two-year old girls don't like playing with Bakugons?!
Callie had just gotten a new baby doll and was excited to show it to me.
As Allison pulled it out of the diaper bag she apologized for it's wet diaper...
Umh excuse me, WHAT??!
Apparently this new baby doll eats, coos and pees.
Yes, that's right, as if changing your child's diaper wasn't enough, now you can also purchase extra plastic bottoms to diaper as well!
So wanna see what I found when sweet little James went missing??
Mhm, it is as it seems!

Then, when Joseph came home from football practice, the mischief was contagious.

They took turns hosing each other down...
until the party pooper ( aka MOM ) ruined the game.

Yes, it was time for James to love on the cat and Callie to do her ironing.
Maybe not as much fun, but definitely less messy!

Thanks for joining us for a peak into the craziness we call life.
God's blessings on your weekend!


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