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Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday School Room Reveal!

Ok boys and girls, here it is the moment you all waited for.
Or at least I'd like to think so.

The Sunday School room reveal!
Yes I know, I watch too much HGTV. :)

The boys and I spent Saturday afternoon cleaning the classroom.
Because I think it might be wrong to hang my new curtains over cobwebs.

Here's the before shot.
See, I told ya the room had beautiful character but horrible decor!

After cleaning the first window and adding a simple (cheap) tension rod to my crafty creation here's the result.

This is proof that my boys can clean.
When properly motivated of course.

Don't you love how Joseph smiles so sweet and James busts out a dance pose.
Should I be concerned??

This is how the room looked when we left, much better.
I even cleaned out the cabinet!
Sure there was more that could have been done. But Andy called with takeout from PF Chang's and this girl's got her priorities!

Since I was on a roll, why stop now?
I needed a bulletin board for the classroom.
In the storage closet I found one that had seen better days.

I found some batting leftover from a previous project.
I attached it to the board with fabric glue, although this step was probably unnecessary.

I decided to use the extra fabric from lining the curtains.
Yes, this would be the lining that cost more than the front panel did.

Once I had the yellow fabric in place I covered the frame with fabric scraps.
Creative note: I normally would have wrapped the entire board and frame in the same fabric.

Last but not least was the addition of ribbon.
Note to self: pick up more ribbon to fill in that gap.

Not pictured is my super sweet hubby attaching the picture hanging wire for me.
He even did it during an Auburn football game!

Sunday morning before class started that same handsome hubby hung the bulletin board.
I framed a few snapshots of the kids in IKEA frames.
Yes, he hung those too!

The class really loved it.
They used words like joyful and happy to describe it!

Now, it's time for you to rate my space...
ok, ok, too much HGTV again!
Really, what do you think?
I need a few more ideas to spice it up just a tad more.
Thanks so much for all your feedback and God's blessings! Sarah


edie said...

Now I want to come sit in that SS class! It's looks darlin' and I'm superimpressed about the you're husband 'working' during the football game. Great job!

Maureen said...

I think it's a huge improvement! It's so cheery now.

Sherri S said...

The curtains are SO adorable! I love them. How sweet of the boys to help out. Their future wives will LOVE they know how to 'clean'.

Delightful Dwelling said...

The room looks very cute! I decorated a bullentin board this week too!

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