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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Creative Gifts

Today's to do list included finishing up a few gifts.
So after doing my dirty work ( cleaning house and paying bills ) I sat down for some fun.
My first project was for friends who recently adopted their first child.
They are a precious couple who are going to be the sweetest parents!
Since this was such a special occasion I wanted a great gift, a personalized gift... no even more, a creative gift!

I started with a bib and blanket set.
Pale pink with white polka dots and really soft.

Great gift? Yes
Personalized? Not yet

Time to bring out my long lost brother.
The Brother 350SE that is.
I l-o-v-e play time with my sewing machine.
He is so patient and uncomplicated, exactly what this amateur seamstress needs!

Here's the monogrammed set.
I paired them with a ceramic cross.
Don't ya just love how the pale pink and lime green all matches??
Yep, me too!!!
By the way, thanks Jenn for help me with my color choices!

No worries, the fun's not over yet.
A fabulous gift deserves a super cute package!
This wrapping paper is one of my favorites.
I love the bright colors and baby print.
After making a bow I needed just a little something extra to top it off.
In came the coordinating animals.
Both the wrapping paper and animals were from IKEA.
Oh how I heart IKEA!
I tied lime green polka dot ribbon around the animal's little necks, and secured them to the bow.
Yep, I do believe that's one creative gift! :D

Next up was a gift for my neighbor.
Today was her birthday so I thought she needed a prize.
Nothing big, just a little thanks-for-being-my-neighbor-and-giving-me-your-cat kinda gift.
I started with a plane tea towel.
Cute, but screaming for some attention.
I used the single initial font for the J.
Then finished out her name with the girly cursive font.

I had to remove all those wrinkles before I could wrap it.
You like??
I think it turned out fabulous!

My last project for the day was for myself.
I purchased several of these towels from the Dollar Tree awhile back.
They've been a fun item to practice monograming on.
Cute if they turn out good, yet not too pricey if I ruin the whole thing.
The reviews for this one?
Let's just say the flower didn't turn out so hot.
It gives my towel way too much old lady charm.
Andy said it looked like a crazy clown face. :(
I guess part of practicing is learning what preprogrammed patterns should remain IN the machine!

Here's an update on our soon to be petting zoo.
Buddy cat and Tigeress are slowly but surely making friends.
Maggie has days where she loves her new playmate, and days when she merely tolerates her.
And James, well James just thinks the more the merrier!

I'm linking up with Leigh for her Thrifty Thursday blog party.
I'm certain that I saved enough in monogramming alone to qualify me as thrifty. ;>
Have a great night all and don't forget to tell me what ya think about my creative gifts!
God's blessings, Sarah :D


Cass @ That Old House said...

OK, I just have one question -- may I have your sewing machine, please?

I LOVE the monogramming. And yes, you saved a bundle doing it yourself. Lovely work! I especially love how "Julie" looks -- fabulous.

I would monogram everything in my house if my sewing machine could do this. (My dog has just gone under the sofa to hide.)


Kelly B said...

I love the monogramming!! I would really like to get a machine that does that, but I got a regular sewing machine that seems to not want to work for me as it is. It won't pick up the thread on the bottom of the machine. No one I know can figure it out. And that was a couple hundred dollars. I don't think machines like me. ;( I love the baby project!! That was so sweet!! ;)

Michelle, Queen of Everything said...

I got my sewing machine for my 12th birthday...and my 35th birthday is this week! Needless to say, it does not do anything half as cool as yours.

Being able to do embroidery is my main reason for wanting to upgrade. Are you happy with your machine all around? I've been asking people for recommendations so I can get a short list.

The Persimmon Perch said...

Great gifts. I too love the monogramming. How blessed you are to have that machine. I'll have to settle for stenciling and appliques for now.

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