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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Welcome To The Family, Tigeress

It seems we have a new member of the family.
His name is Frank (nicknamed Houdini)
aka Janie/Jennie/Jasmine
and now...
Here's the scoop-
Frank belonged to our neighbors.
He was an outside cat and we fed him anytime they were out of town.
The boys fell in l-o-v-e with him.
Over the past several weeks he began to visit our house more frequently.
That's when he started breaking in every time I opened the door... hence the name Houdini!
He would make a beeline toward the laundry room, for the cat and dog food.
Some days we would come home and he would be curled up asleep on our couch.
As we spent more and more time with him we noticed that he didn't appear to actually be a HE.
That's when James started coming up with other name choices.
Over several days her name went from Janie to Jennie to Jasmine.
Friday night the four of us sat in the living room watching and laughing at Maggie playing with Janie/Jennie/Jasmine.
That's when Andy decided it was time for me to ask if she could come live with us.
So yesterday I talked to my neighbor and offered to buy her cat.
She laughed and said that wasn't necessary.
She even gave me all of the cat food she had bought!
This is James after I told him the cat was now his.
Look at the excitement in his eyes, absolutely priceless!!!

After James and his new cat enjoyed Auburn's first football game of the season,
Janie/Jennie/Jasmine got a new name,
Here's a peek of the happy pair now...

James in his jammies (with pizza sauce on his face) snuggled up with Tigeress.
That's one cat that begged to be here, At Home With The Hinsons. ;D


Allison said...

Welcome to the family Frank!!! I knew you were a girl all along. Thank you for finally equalling out the boy/girl ratio at the Hinson Household. Mommy, Maggie, and Tigeress vs. Daddy, Joseph, and James. Callie will now get to come play with "Titty-Titty."

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