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Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Day In The Life Of A Middle Schooler

Today I had the honor of being a chaperone for Joseph's field trip.
The middle school spent the first half of the day at the new Aquatics Center.
After lunch they headed over to Funzone for the afternoon.
There were kids everywhere!
They had a great time.
Thankfully, all things considered, the kids were pretty good!

Here's Joseph and friends in the whirlpool.

Now he and Tyler are on their way to shoot some hoops.

Here's a funny shot of Joseph's going down the slide in Air It Out.

Next up was riding go carts at Funzone.

Here's a put-put pic.

Last but not least, time for a chocolate milkshake!


Rachel McPhillips said...

Poor Joseph... destined to be embarrassed by his mother's pictures. Just for the record... I told her DON'T DO IT GIRL!!

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