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Friday, May 8, 2009

James '09 Field Day

Hi everyone, happy Friday!!!!
Whew, the past couple of days have been jam packed.
Of course as I post this there is still plenty of partying left to do.
So, instead of posting Joseph's birthday in pieces I'm going to wait.
I promise a full spread and I'll be prompt Gigi.
Gotta love those eager readers! ;>

Today I spent the morning at school with James.
You know it's that time of year, good old field day.
I'm not really a big fan in all honesty.
But I gotta tell ya, the group at CCPS has it going on.
This was definitely the BEST field day I've ever participated in!

Their PE teacher, Coach Bates, put together a fan-ta-bu-lous presentation...
a hula hoop routine set to music!!!
Just think about the time and energy put into this.
Three entire minutes of kids moving in coordination with each other and the music-
It made looking for a parking slot for 10 minutes, followed by a 5 minute trek from said slot TOTALLY worth it!

I'm including a few pics and a video clip so you can share in the fun!

Here's James ready to go.
Notice his hula hoop is blue.
Hmm, wonder how that happened?!

This is James' completely showing off.
Look at him hula hooping with his arms crossed.
This boy's got mad skillz! :D

James' won 3rd place in the sack race.
I think his athletic talent must be from his Daddy!


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