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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day In The Park

In our little town the first weekend in May is Day In The Park.
All of the city ball teams play in a tournament.
Of course there are also kiddie games, face painting, craft tents, etc.

Our game was on Friday night.
It rained all day so the ground was good and ready for those white pants!

James played catcher for the first time and LOVED it!
I would classify him as a gentleman catcher.
Anytime a runner was coming home James moved the tee for them.
Gotta love a catcher that thinks ahead!

James also had several hits.
He isn't always great with the pitch but he can knock it off the tee!
He scored a couple of runs and brought in numerous runners.
Good game, James!

We lost the game 12-11.
We're not sad though,
the loser got their medals after the game...
and they got to sleep late!
The winner had to be back at the ballpark at 8:30 this morning.
I think our team was the real winner! :D

Thanks Nana, Boompa & Gigi for coming to the game.
It's always nice to have your own cheering section!

We celebrated with a delicious dinner out.
It gave us the perfect opportunity to discuss good sportsman-ship.
The opposing coach was a gold star example.
He took it upon himself to argue with the umpires.
The sad part is that the umpires listened and changed their rulings!
James summed up the way we all felt about the situation when he said,
"That coach really made me P-E-S-T OFF!"
When we discouraged his language he said,
"Oh I know I shouldn't say it Mama, that's why I spelled it." ;>


Anonymous said...

Let's be honest. He P-E-S-T me off too, James! Great post Mom.

Love you,

Big Daddy

Rachel McPhillips said...

Hope you stocked up on some Shout! when you bought those white pants! Sad we missed it, but The McPhillips' are on the mend! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Actually, all kidding aside, IRON OUT is the stuff you need to get that mud out. Stinks to all get out, but works like a charm in about 15 minutes.

Allison Swafford said...

I Love white ball pants. Stick in the washing machine with some clorox and they look brand new. I miss Mr. James and all of his daily chuckles. Just to be honest it would have probably PEST me off too. Love ya Jamessss!!!

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