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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Truthful Tuesday

James has now been sick for three days.
And I'm gonna have to tell the truth...
I need him to either get well and go to school
be sick enough to sleep!

He's better enough to be bored,
yet sick enough to whine.

what's a mom to do??

I wanted something easy but educational.
We tried this...

It's a video clip on how things are created.
We watched the clip on how tennis balls are made.
Then, while I cleaned my bathroom, James watched the one about making bubble gum.
It kept his attention for a little while, just not long enough.

Time to lay aside my "to do" list!

I've been looking at my hallway for awhile trying to decide what it needed.
It's been empty, except that one lonely picture, since we moved in.

Oh, and the duck bank that I use as a door stop.
My niece can and has spent hours feeding that duck!

Yep it's sad I know.
But remember, it's May and I just put away my glitter Santa!

This was the perfect time to have fun and still be productive.
With James itching to do something, I put him to work.
I washed his Jones Soda bottle from Friday night.
I attached one of my new and adorable chalkboard tags.
Then I wrote Smile, because I was needing that reminder.
James filled the empty bottle with some leftover "english peas" from a past project.
They were kinda messy so we wised up and used a funnel.

While James finished up the vase, I went "shopping" around the house.
I found a great unused table in Andy's office.
A lamp in Joseph's room that wasn't even plugged up.
My new favorite picture of me and the boys. ( Thanks Aunt Rach, you do beautiful photography! )
Last but not least, I decided to use a few books to top it off.

James was such good help.
We're both pretty proud of our finished project.
My desired look was warm, but not fussy.
After all, this hallway is the boys' favorite place for sword fights!

I'm sure I'll end up changing it around, but for now it's just what I needed! ;>


Rachel McPhillips said...

You need a HUGE picture of the boys or the family at the end of the hall. Like, 16x20 with a mat. In my opinion, anyway! Its looking good!

Sarah said...

Thanks, I completely agree. I'm thinking about one of the prints that you did of our kids together at the convent. I'll post updates! :)

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