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Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Fun

Happy First Official Day of Summer Break!!!

The kids are celebrating by having an Airsoft war with their friends.
Gotta love those boys. :)
So, while they're outside I thought I'd share an idea with you.

Every year at this time the boys and I dream up all the fun things we're gonna do all summer.
But, it never fails, come August 1st we'll look back and sadly realize we didn't do most of our ideas.
I hate that feeling, so this year I got smart.

I took a plastic Solo cup and with a Sharpie wrote Summer 2009.
Today while we ate lunch I wrote all our fun ideas on slips of paper.
Things like putt-putt golf, a knife throwing contest, skating, bowling and even a Wii contest.
I tried to think of inexpensive things we could do locally.
Some of the things will be just the boys and myself, while Andy's at work.
Other things, like going to the movies, will be all four of us.
We briefly entertained the idea of ice-skating.
Briefly entertained and then dismissed because...
I'm too chicken to take the boys by myself,
and Andy said we depend on his income too much for him to break his neck ice-skating.
Hmm, good point!
We plan on pulling an idea from the cup every Sunday.
Then we can plan what day of the following week we will have our "summer fun".

Edited to add: I'll probably divide these into categories like rainy day activities, back yard activities, etc. I also see a cute little container in their future as well.

I'm really excited that we've started our summer with a plan, and not just a dream.
We still plan to spend a lot of time at the new Aquatics center.
We're doing a yard sale next week, with the McPhillips, to clean out clutter and give us some summer funds.
I'd consider that a two for one!
Of course we're also looking forward to our annual beach vacation in July.

Whew, so much to look forward to...
memories to create...
AND more activities to blog about!

So, what do you have planned for summer?
I'd love to have some fresh ideas to add to our cup.
As always, God's blessings! :>


Rachel McPhillips said...

You should look into the McWane Center, The Botanical Gardens, or the Zoo! Or the Mercedes plant in Vance... cool thing for boys! :)

Rachel McPhillips said...

Okay... I think this could be a spectacular idea for the boys!

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