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Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Not Me Memorial Day!

Happy Not Me Monday and Memorial Day!

Today we'll start with our Memorial Day lunch at my Mom's.
As our family was enjoy Bar-B-Q Boston Butt and Hot Dogs with all the trimmings,
I DID NOT look over to see my sister and youngest son eating Edamame.
What is that you ask?
That would be a type of soybean.
That's right, we DID NOT have two vegans crash our bar-b-q! ;>

After lunch it was time for some fun in the sun.
The boys and little Addison certainly DID NOT swim in freezing cold water.
And every picture I attempted to take DID NOT end up with someone's eyes closed.

Once we got home Andy laid down for a nap and the boys headed outside.
While the boys were playing with their friends I thought I'd make the most of my time.
I spent several hours prepping for the yard sale we're having this weekend.
My family DID NOT walk in the living room and see this...

That's right, I would NEVER let my living space look like a yard sale threw up.

Last but not least,
I certainly DID NOT monogram every old dish towel in my possession,
nope, NOT ME! :D

Late Night Add In:
11:30pm- I WAS NOT asleep in my bed when the door bell rang... durn ding-dong-ditchers again. This was the second time tonight. I certainly DID NOT load up in the pimp bus with Joseph and his CO2 gun. Driving through the neighborhood chasing a group of boys, all the while loading their tails up with B-B's. Oh NO, NOT ME! To see those boys run you'd have thought they were on a football field, and to hear their talk you'd have thought they were sailors. I'd say we scared the meanness right out of 'em. Once we realized it was the neighbor boys I most certainly DID NOT go to their house and tell them to get their mother. They scurried around like a bunch of roaches. We all had a nice little chat and they promised not to ring my doorbell again. So, when Andy asks me, in the morning, if I heard the doorbell ring I will just reply, nope NOT ME!!! ;>


Allison Swafford said...

I do believe that this is the funniest thing I have read in a long time. Whenever this happens again, you better swing the pimp bus by my house and pick me up!!!

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