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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Slippery Slope Anyone??

Good Morning Loved Ones :D
I need to start this post with a WARNING:
This is my attempt to think through this gig I've been called to do. (You know the one... Child of God, Wife, Mother, Family, Friend, etc)

Here's what's on my mind:

On this journey called life, there's the path and then there are side roads (some of them paved and some are just nothing but dirt and gravel!). The problem is that those side paths can all to quickly become a slippery slope.

While traveling our path we notice these detours. We linger at the side road and look over into that greener grass. Oh yeah, it looks like a fun place to be. Maybe, just maybe, we could visit it. We won't stay long. No, we just want to check it out. We're curious by nature. No harm done, right?

Before long we're thinking... hey, this place isn't so bad! Come on, these people are just people struggling like the rest of us. Hmm, maybe we could stay just a little longer. And, we do.

The path we traveled from starts to seem so far away. We could go back. But what about all the newness we've experienced? What about our friends. They certainly won't come with us. Do we bid them farewell?

Moment by moment, day by day, that slippery slope carries us down. We're traveling so slow that we don't even notice where we're heading. Not necessarily hell, but certainly away from our path with The Father.

So, here's my question...
At what point do we realize it's time to get back on our path?
Do we run daily checks and balances?
OR, do we wait until we've hit rock bottom?

One of my all time favorite quotes is from a popular TV preacher, I just can't remember which one?!
" To find balance in life is to be centered in THE LORD."

I think that suggests a daily walk with The Father. Whatever that looks like for each of us. I like structure and actually find comfort in it. But, it's really about relationship. When we're in the bosom of our Lord and Savior, He provides us with everything we need... warmth, nourishment, companionship, shelter and most importantly, unchanging love.

Thanks for bearing with me. For the last several months there has been this recurring theme. I needed to think it through and grasp how I view it for myself and for the teaching of my children.

God's blessings on your day!


Mike said...

And God's blessings to you, too. Inspiring post.

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Kelly B said...

What you said is very true. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out it is a slippery slope. Denial is always helpful in that respect. Sometimes I think the only way we ever get back is by being carried in the arms of the Father. I think I am far to daft to ever notice I was on the slippery slope...

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