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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sick Baby James

It seems, this sweet boy has a virus.
The kind that causes him to go from non-stop chatter,
to in the floor splatter!
Sorry, I just couldn't resist.
Poor guy has been puking all day. :(
When he wanted an explanation of how he got sick, I gave it my best shot.
I explained that he had contracted a virus.
That his little body would begin to fight off the virus by making...
"Oh, Oh, Oh, I know" James said,
"My body's gonna starting making WHITE BLOOD VEINS!!!"
Yep James, that right, WHITE BLOOD VEINS to the rescue! ;>


Rachel McPhillips said...

Uh Oh!! Sounds like the SWINE FLU!!!

Kelly B said...

It is so hard when the kids get sick. Other than the mess, it makes me so sad to see their eyes glazed over with illness. They lose their spark. I am sure he will be better soon and he will get his spark back!! :) As far as swine flu, I am sure you are ok. We will pray for your little feller so he will get better quick. Viruses are no fun!!!

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