At Home With The Hinsons

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Part 2

Happy Halloween, again! 
Tonight we dressed up 
and headed out for trunk-or-treat.
Before the festivities began we stopped 
off to visit Nanny & Op.
It was nice to chat and chill...
all while munching on yummy candy. :D

When it was time to go 
I let Joseph drive to the Quick Stop 
at the end of the road.
Whew, talk about S-P-O-O-K-Y!

Finally we made it to the sight of the fun.
Nana & PaBill's church, Livingston Chapel
hosted a spectacular trunk-or-treat.
Theirs' was held behind the church...
in the cemetery.
That kicked the spook factor way up!

Here are the party animals now.
Joseph as a Bearcat Boy,
Nana & PaBill as Popeye & Olive Oil,
Addison Marie as Little Red Riding Hood
and James as a *glowing* radiation skeleton.

In classic PaBill form he set up a laptop in their trunk 
and had Popeye cartoons playing.

Once the kids had visited all the trunks,
it was time to enjoy the treats.
I think Claire didn't want to share Jo-Jo's sucker.
Look at that real tear!

What better way to work off that sugar high
than with a little playground action?
Addison was so proud that she went 
across the monkey bars
"All by myself!"
Aunt SaSa only helped, a little

That's it for us.
We're about to call it a night.
Thanks for joining in on our fun!

Halloween Part 1

Hi all,
Happy Halloween!
I'm proud to announce that 
with the help of my flashlight,
sensible flat shoes, 
and careful attention to where I was walking 
I made it through trick-or-treating on two good feet.
Thank you to my family {aka hecklers}
for keeping me focused. 

With Andy working we were
unsure of whether he'd be joining us,
so we kept our plans low key.
Well, that and the fact that Auburn was playing.
Luckily Andy made it home in time to 
adorn his AU game earphones and pumpkin hat.

Andy's Good-Buddy-Allen brought Steven
and away we went.
We made the rounds on our street 
but sadly most people weren't playing along.
So we loaded up,

and hit the ground running.

The boys love the neighborhood over by East Elementary.
Here's a glimpse of why.

Lots of the houses got in on the fun.
Look at James' beaming
as he prepares to beg for more candy.

As the littles were having good clean fun,
 these jokesters were lurking in the street.
Poor innocent Joseph just wanted to smile for a pic.
Some people ought not be let out of the house.

As we finished up our trek,
we ran into these Hallo-weenies
that came bearing gifts.

James said "Mom, did Boompa & Gigi
drive from Birmingham just to see us??
WOW, they must think we're really special!"
Of course son, you boys are really special. :)

After one more neighborhood we headed over
to see another set of grandparents...
the Franparents.

And of course there were more prizes for my little tricksters!

Once we made it home we it was time 
for one of my favorite Halloween memories,
digging through the loot!

We chillaxed in our jammy tales,
ate a late dinner
and enjoyed the Auburn game.
Thank you Lord for DVR's.

Last but not least 
I want to thank Big Daddy.
First for my Halloween tiara.
Isn't it the greatest?! 
But more importantly for sacrificing 
extra hours on call 
to be able to trick-or-treat with the fam.
That makes him the greatest Halloween treat of all!

Tonight we'll be going for Halloween Part 2.
We're heading to visit Nanny & Op
and then to Nana & PaBill's 
church for trunk-or-treat.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in our fun.
Now do tell, 
what was your favorite part of Halloween this year?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Good Morning Halloween!

Good morning all
and Happy Halloween.
Even though tomorrow's Halloween,
in our part of the world we'll
be trick-or-treating tonight.
James is going as a skeleton,
a radiation skeletion no less.
Joseph says he's too old to dress up,
but I'm prepared for the last minute
"You didn't even get me a mask to wear?!"
I picked up some hair spray paint
and he'll be toting a bucket that says
"Never Too Old For Candy!"
Mama will be sporting her razzle dazzle
Trick or Treat shirt and comfy shoes.
Big Daddy's in the middle of his seven on,
so it looks like the boys and I will fly solo.
We plan to meet up with some friends
because the more the merrier, right?!

That's what's happening with the Hinsons.
I'm still working on the blog makeover
but I'm kinda stuck...
idk why my html code doesn't work??
Makes me flash back to 7th grade computer,
complete and udder torture for an ADHD kid.
Now I'm off to clean house!
Enjoy your Halloween and be safe. :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Work In Progress

Good morning all,
what a crazy morning this has been.
Last night we had some serious storms,
so the boys' schools delayed starting until
Andy was home & cooked a fabulous breakfast,
As we were eating I received an email
from our social worker saying we need to talk,
I scheduled the call for 9am
and finished getting the boys out the door.
On the way to the car we saw that our
ginormous political sign had blown into Andy's Volvo,
Luckily upon inspection, no damage was left.
Once home Andy & I had
a conference call with the social worker.
Everything's fine,
Then as our conversation was coming to a close
Andy got another call saying he was late for
an unknown meeting at the hospital,
Of Course He Was!
Now it's 10:30am on Monday morning,
my bathrooms have yet to be cleaned
and I'm wondering what happened to my day??

But, in other news and yes,
the real reason for my post
is that I'm making changes to the blog.
I've fallen behind on posting lately
because my blog was so blah.
I searched for an economical way to update it
but nothing fit just right, until now.
I spent the majority of yesterday working
on a new design that I can't wait to complete.
So, if you were tired of the old design,
and don't completely love the current one
hang in there,
a makeover is in the works. :)

Talk to you soon!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

BOO Germs Be Gone

Good morning friends.
Remember when I made my monkey sanitizer?
Well you should never forget a good thing.
This year as an adoption fundraiser and small gift idea 
I created a spooky version.

Simple hand sanitizer +
cricut halloween shapes +
modge podge +
ribbon +
diamond accent stickers ='s 
BOO Germs Be Gone.
Don't be scared,
it only spooks the germs. ;)
So what do you think?
Is this BOO-tiful craft on your to-do list??

I'm linking up with the DIY Showoff.
Click on over for eye candy galore!
The DIY Show Off

Friday, October 15, 2010

Parent Picnic Day

Hi all!
Today's the kinda day when I miss
the time of poopy pants &
hours spent being the breast buffet.
Here's today's recap:
wake the kids up,
get them ready,
take them to school,
come home & get dressed,
straighten up,
run a couple errands,
pick up lunch,
have a picnic at East with James,
come home to do a few more chores,
run several more errands,
start the afternoon pick up process,
after picking up James head to the high school,
pick up Joseph & Joshua,
run more errands,
come home & change clothes,
take everybody to a fundraiser dinner,
drop Joseph & Joshua off at the high school,
bring James home to chill for 30 minutes
and finally, go back to the high school for
tonight's homecoming game.
See you know it must be crazy
for me to miss poopy diapers. :)

Now that I've vented
let's visit today's fun.
Every year East Elementary School
has a Parent Picnic Day.
I packed up my basket
with a blanket and snacks.
Per James' request I bought our lunch
{in other words he wanted lard}.
He was quite happy with his chicken & fries.

After lunch it was time to work off some energy.
This mama's been around the block once or twice
so my picnic basket held some entertainment options.
We started out just the two of us tossing the football.
But before long we had a full blown
tackle football game under way.
I think it's safe to say our group enjoyed their picnic!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Easy Halloween Decor

Hi all!
I'm here with an easy & inexpensive
update for your Halloween decorations.
Today we're focusing on your light up pumpkin.
You know the one.
The pumpkin from the 'mart
that you paid less than $10 for.
We've all bought at least one in our lifetime!
Well if your lil' pumpkin is like mine,
it's seen better days.
The orange on mine was a bit faded
but it still worked perfect.
SO I did my favorite update...
I spray painted it!
Now look at how cute that once
ho-hum pumpkin is.
Now we all say,
Happy Halloween
and HOORAY for spray paint! ;)
Stop by the DIY Showoff for more fab ideas.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ready For Fall Ya'll

Good morning friends!
I'm here to state the obvious,
I'm a summer kinda girl.
Although I've been in denial
that fall was in full swing,
I'm finally moving on to acceptance.
I've decided I'm ready for shorter days and
evenings piled up with my peeps.
I'll be tired of hibernating come spring
but as of now, I'm ready for fall ya'll. :)

Now just like a gal can't go to a party without
the right attire, a home can't prepare for
the next season without the right decor.
So to announce that we were welcoming fall
I spent the weekend accessorizing.

I started by giving my door cross
a coat of paint and moving it.
I loved having it on the door
but it was time for a change.
Thanks to my Prince Charming
 for installing the hardware. :) 

Don't laugh but I rescued my
bouffant pumpkin from the yard sale donations.
I'm planning a makeover, 
I just haven't decided what direction she'll go.

Next I took down my spring tulip
and replaced it with a spooky cutie cat.
With the help of my cricut, a recycled felt cat,
2 cardboard remnants, a little scrapbook paper,
a ton of modge podge and a touch of ribbon
I created THIS:
I'm loving my cutie cat.
Next up a took my white hob lob pumpkins
and hit them up with a touch of spray paint.
Once dried I added a vinyl monogram.
Hello hottie!
Now my past it's prime spring/summer entrance
is officially welcoming you AND fall.
Although I might need to raise cutie cat
up higher, I'm liking the look.
That's last year's halloween rag wreath
that all fattened up with an extra layer of tulle.
So, enough show and tell.
I wanna know,
are you all decked out for the season
or still looking for inspiration?
There are some fabulous projects floating around.
Check out the CSI project for spray paint overload. :)
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a fabulous day! :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dishtowels With *Bling*

Good morning all!
Today I'm teaching my Breastfeeding Prenatal Class
but before I get going I had to visit. :)
The boys have kept me super busy this week.
So I'm sharing a crafty creation from awhile back.
You know I have a thing about taking the
ordinary and making it extraordinary.
Well, my kitchen towels were next in line.
My old ones were pathetic so
I gradually weeded them out.
I picked up these towels at the Dollar General.

They're a microfiber towel and I LOVE them!
They were already fun colors
but I wanted to make them sing.
I pulled out my Brother and together we
added a quick monogram and layers of ribbon *bling*.
The old dishrags have made their exit
so now when I open the drawer 
these gals are smiling back at me! 
Look at how sassy my gal looks just waiting
for one of those dirty boys to wash their hands.
Now I'm off to teach my class.
I seriously love teaching newbies about breastfeeding.
Thanks for stopping by!
Enjoy your weekend
and by all means,
beautify the ordinary. :)