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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ash Wednesday Recap

Hi all!
I hope you're having a fabulous week.
Sorry I've been MIA.
So many things to do and
what seems like so little time.
Prioritizing right, that's what I've been missing.
Anyway, just know that my heart has not
strayed from my blog...
only my body! :)

As you know yesterday was Ash Wednesday,
the beginning of the Lenten season.
Every year James favorite question
during Lent is,
"What'd you give up?!"
He's so nosy,
wonder where he got that from? ;>
And when he asks,
don't try to say you didn't give up anything,
even if you are baptist.
His little mind just doesn't understand.
So here's our run down,
Andy gave up sodas,
James gave up cheeze its, nope
cookies, nope,
meat uh NO (he doesn't even like meat).
He finally decided on whip cream.
He assures me that it'll be a sacrifice
because whip cream is put on everything that's good. :)
Joseph is committing to work out every day of Lent.
Yeah, I should've jumped on that bandwagon!
When it finally came to my turn I answered,
I'm giving up clutter.
I wish you could have seen the look on James' face.
My answer was totally unacceptable in James' world.
Here's the lecture that followed...
Mama, you have to give up food.
No James, you can give up other things.
But Mom, we always give up food.
James, I'm giving up clutter because by clearing out
clutter then we are less stressed and have more room for Jesus.
So, you're gonna do more work??
Yes James, I'm gonna do more work for Lent!
Who is he, the Lent Nazi?!

After our evening inquisition we headed to church.
The Ash Wednesday service was so moving.
Having the ashes placed on my forehead
as a reminder of the ugly-ness of sin,
well, I couldn't help but tear up at the altar.

In typical James fashion,
as the beautiful service was coming to a close,
he leaned over and whispered...
I think Daddy's gonna take us out to eat,
because Ash Wednesday is kind of a big deal,
so I think we should celebrate!
Then once the service was over he
parted his hair to the side and said,
Hey, can you see my ashes?!
Our James is just a party looking for a place to happen.

Now I'm asking for a favor,
please share with us (James)
what you give up/take on
during the Lenten season?
May your 40 day journey bring you closer
to the one that saved us all.
God's blessings, Sarah :)


Booklover1212 said...

Lent Nazi!! That made me laugh!!!

For Lent, I've given up fast food. I've also decided that in addition to taking away something, I'm going to add something. So, for ever day of Lent I will say the rosary for reflection and praying for those who ask for prayers. We are also going to do a random act of kindess every day of Lent as well. I figure that by doing something for others will make me forget about giving up the fast food!

~ Jennifer

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