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Monday, February 8, 2010

Let's Talk About Bathrooms

Hi all!
As much as we dread our weekends
coming to an end,
I enjoy the freshness and excitement 
that Monday morning brings.
Maybe it's because Monday brings a fresh start 
of doing and being better than the week before.
Maybe it's because everyone returns to their
previously scheduled routines,
But is it possible that I love Mondays
because I clean my bathrooms 
Hum, let's explore that a little further.

I started my ritual of Monday morning bathroom 
cleaning back in the summer.
I used to take Joseph to football practice at 6am
and then come home and clean like a wild woman.
His two hour practice gave me just enough time to
get my bathrooms done and take a quick shower.
So by the time 8am on Monday morning rolled around
I was dressed for the day 
both my bathrooms were clean.
Talk about being on top of the world!
With my least favorite chore done
I always felt like I could tackle my week,
regardless of what life threw in my direction.

Since a big part of my cleaning is having the right supplies,
I thought I'd share them with you.
Photo disclaimer: 
Yes there are dishes in the sink,
remember we're cleaning bathrooms right now,
not the kitchen. :)

I start with my feather duster.
Everything gets a quick swipe on a weekly basis.
Next I clean the shower/tub.
I pour Pine-sol down the sides 
and add in some hot water.
Next I grab my blue handled sponge 
and scrub like there's no tomorrow.
Since I'm lazy,
while I scrub I knock all the bottles off in the tub.
That keeps my soap bottles from getting grimy.
Next I rinse the shower/tub with scalding hot water
AND if I'm feeling froggy I put all the bottles back in place.

Next comes the potty...
My potty cleaning is probably no different than yours
except I'd like to share a great product.
See that white bottle of Iron Out in the photo?
Well it works great for getting ballpark mud
out of white baseball pants.
But it's also my secret weapon against the potty.
In our bathroom we have one spot that 
always has a rusty looking stain even after being cleaned.
So, my trick is to clean it with the Iron Out
and then follow it with Pine-sol or Clorox toilet cleaner.
Fresh, clean, stain free with minimal elbow grease! ;>

Finally I move onto the mirrors and vanity.
If I have time/feel like it/can no longer ignore it
then I wipe down the cabinets.
Otherwise and quiet frankly most often,
I just use Lysol wipes on the counter and sink.

Once I've torn the bathrooms apart and then 
put them back together I wash all the rugs & towels.
Whew, talk about starting your week off right. :)

So, that my friend is how I took a dreaded, 
procrastinated chore and turned it into a weekly date.
Now I'm off to clean my dirty kitchen.
But I'm wondering...
What's your cleaning routine?
Do you have any products you just can't clean without??
Have a great week! :D


Jennifer said...

I have planned to do all my weekly chores on Monday. I have done it once. I felt so much better that week because I didn't spend every day worrying about having to do those chores. I could go on a playdate or go out shopping for my Etsy shop because I didn't have to clean that day. Just pick up after myself. It was nice. I think you have motivated me to go clean. Maybe.

Booklover1212 said...

You go girl!!!

I clean the family room on Monday, bathrooms on Tuesday, the living room & kitchen on Wednesday, the girls' rooms on Thursday, and our room on Friday.

I LOVE my Swiffer, Lysol/Clorox wipes, and the WetJet! I also love the flushable toilet scrub brushes!

~ Jennifer

Beth McC. said...

YAY! Thanks for the great tips!!

I love your blog its so precious!

Happy Friday!

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