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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let's Help A Sista Out?!

Hi all!
I hope your week is going well.
I've got a million things on my to do list today,
but while this was heavy on my heart
I had to blog for a moment.

If there are two things you will learn about me:
1. My heart has been called to adopt.
2. I love prizes!
So, I'm coming to you with a call to action.
I need you to visit the blog
Bring Drew Home,
donate $10 towards their adoption
automatically be signed up to win the most incredible prizes.
Incredible prizes =
Wild Olive Tees,
Custom Vinyl Lettering,
Children's clothes, toys, hair bows, artwork...
YES, we're talking good stuff. 
This precious family is traveling
to bring their son home in just a few weeks.
That is if they've raised all the needed money.
When I donated last Friday they had only raised < $100.
They're up to $1,000 now but still have quite a way to go.

Thanks for checking out their blog.
Like I said, adoption is close to my heart.
Now GO, we've gotta help a sista out!


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