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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Be Mine Valentine Craft

Good morning all!
Yesterday's moments by the fire
were just what I needed to feel recharged.
Before I left for the school pick-up line
I decided to tackle a quick craft.

I knew exactly where to go for inspiration,
my sweet Cricut machine.
I must confess that lately I haven't
found as much playtime as I'd like.
But after yesterday I'm challenging
myself to make more time for therapy,
umh, I mean crafting! ;>

With Valentine decor on the brain
I started cutting patterns and phrases.
Before long I had a cute conversation heart.
Now, where to put it??
That's when I remember my one lone apothecary jar.
It started out as a set of three.
Did you know those things are breakable?!
So, here's the union of my crafty creation
and lone apothecary jar...

Now the details,
I used the Cricut slit feature on the largest heart.
That allowed me to run a ribbon through the back
and then layer a smaller heart on top.
I also filled it with Valentine M&M's.
I'm pretty sure the jar will be empty long
before Valentine's Day.

Do tell, what do you think?
Have you already decorated for Valentine's Day
or are you in the slacker club with me?!
Have a great weekend friends!


Bird said...

How sweet!!! Very approprate for Valentine's!! :) Love it!!

I have a fab Le Creauset giveaway going if you want to know more here is a link:

Have a blessed and lovely Sunday!!

Anonymous said...

It's cute and I like that once Valentine's Day is over you can just remove it and use it for something else. Hope you're having a good weekend!

Jennifer said...

Very cute! I wish I had a cricut machine. We are supposed to make a convo heart wreath today during school and those would be perfect!

Jennifer said...
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