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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lessons I've Learned The Hard Way: Self Waxing

Hi all!
I hope your having a fabulous week. :)
The boys are gearing up for a 4 day weekend,
We love our un-rushed days at home together.
Since Valentine's Day & the Chinese New Year are this weekend,
Andy is treating us to a special lunch tomorrow.
We'll be eating at Fulin's,
which may be my new favorite restaurant.
It's Chinese food of course. ; )
Now on to today's topic...

I feel that it's important to share the life lessons
we've learned with each other,
you know keeping it real so to speak.
So for all you girly DIY'ers, this ones for you.

I have stumbled upon a new product.
It's Sally Hansen's Hair Remover Wax Strips.
They are precut and to warm the wax,
all you have to do is rub them together in your hands.
The best part?
You get 34 wax strips for less than $10.
Since they are cheap and easy to use
I've happily ditched my salon waxing trips!

My normal routine is to wax right before
I take my bath at night.
That allows my red face a good 12 hours
to simmer down before I apply make-up.

Now on this particular night
the boys were a little rowdy.
They happened to walk in on me waxing
and were very entertained!
Yes, they even tried it out on themselves.
All was going good.
I had finished my lip,
and the first brow was great.

As I applied the last strip to my second brow,
the boys broke into a wrestling match.
Mind you this was no normal wrestling match.
Joseph had pinned James down
and was applying the wax strip over his mouth.
It's one thing if they want to try it on themselves
but we'll not be inventing a new form of brotherly torture!
So as I broke up the fight I walked away from the mirror.
Obviously not thinking about what I was doing
I continued to smooth down that last strip.
In my Mama mode I gave them I tongue lashing,
threatened to wax their rear ends
and without looking,
ripped off the strip.
I knew there was a problem when the strip I removed 
appeared to have a caterpillar attached to it.
As much as I didn't want to,
I had to look.
This my friends was the reflection staring back at me.
Can you see the horror in my eyes?!?
I sent the kids off to get their showers
and tried to compose myself.
Then I knew what I had to do,
I showed Andy what I'd done.
God love that man!
I don't remember a single word he said
I just know that I went back to the bathroom
drying up my tears and laughing.

Then I did the only thing I knew to do,
I thinned the other one.
Luckily, not as much.
Here is a picture of my retouched brows,
yes, I'm laughing at myself in this picture.
I've spent the past week using a brow pencil
to fill in the obvious gap.
Yes Andy, just like old ladies do. ;)
So far no one has commented.
That leads me to believe it's either un-noticeable or really bad!

Take it from me and the lesson I've learned the hard way,
self waxing is great as long as you don't referee
a wrestling match while doing it! :)


Treasia Stepp said...

They really don't look bad at all. I'm happy to know there is a product out there that will actually work though. I'm going to get some for myself. said...

oh boy!!
they look fine though!
i will have to try them... in a quite space! ;)

Beth said...

Haha! Great story! Those brows don't look bad at all!

Kala said...

LOL!!! I'm trying not to laugh but it's too funny. Your brows really don't look bad but the story behind it is hilarious.

Dixiejet said...

My friend told me to get Nair for Faces,put a little on a Q-tip and go across where you wanna get rid of the excess "brow" then just wipe off. She does it and it looks great ! By the way, yours looks fine. ;o)

Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

Ok- I am sorry but that gave me the giggles! At least it's hair and you know it will grow back. I might have to look into those!

Thanks again for the giggle! I know that it wasn't funny at the time.

Southern Fried Gal said...

Sorry to laugh but a very funny story indeed! Sounds like something that would happen to me. Glad you could laugh as well!

Allison said...

Atleast they walked in on you while you were waxing your eyebrows. I mean I can think of much worse areas for them to have seen you waxing. Look on the bright side atleast you are scarred and not them. But really they don't look that bad. Love Ya!!!

Carmie - the Single Nester said...

Oh no. That is a fear of mine too. I never wax my own brows. I went to a fancy schmancy EyeBrow lady in Manhattan - took 6 months to get an appt. but it was worth it because now, I just tweeze and follow her work.

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Sarah- Funny story that you will remember for a long time. Your brows look fine. Over the summer I lost a clump of eyelashes on my left eye, not due to kids fighting, but stress. Hubby was laid off, Mother In law was sick and had to live in our dining room for 6 weeks. I used a lot of eyeliner for about a month until they grew back.

The DIY Show Off said...

Oh no! I couldn't help but giggle at your great story-telling but I was imagining something way worse. :)

Thanks for sharing!


Sarah Lou said...

Oh my word. Im glad to see there are others out there who live the life I do.

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