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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentine's Day Recap

Hi all!
I hope you're having a fabulous weekend.
Today Big Daddy's at a conference in the 'ham 
so the kids and I are going to spend the day 
cleaning, organizing and playing.
Well, I'll probably being doing most of
the cleaning and organizing while
they do the majority of the playing.
But whatever, we'll all have our own kinda
fun and we'll all sleep good tonight. ;>

I'm a bit behind but couldn't go without 
sharing our Valentine's Day weekend with you.
If there's one thing the Hinsons love, it's a holiday!
We're not picky either, we just love to celebrate. :)
Valentine's Day was no different,
and since it fell on a Sunday, 
we celebrated all weekend! 

We started our Valentine's love fest 
with James' school party.
He gave out goody bags stuffed with ring pops.
It was pure torture for him to sit so close 
to that candy and not get to eat them!

Mama & James partied it up at his school party.
The kids had cups of ice cream 
and a buffet of toppings to chose from.

Since the boys were out of school on Friday
we made a quick trip to Decatur,
to eat at my new favorite restaurant, Fulin's.
We exchanged gifts early (no surprise)
after we got our baths Saturday night.
Look at those kids, they love them some prizes!

Joseph got an itunes gift card.
I also picked up this sign in the dollar spot at Target.
It reads,
Beware Of The Dog.
That Cat Is Not Trustworthy Either.
Now look at Pepper,
that crazy dog was sticking her tongue out at me!

James got a new Mighty World figure.
That child can occupy himself for hours with those things.
Love anything that holds that kinda power!

Daddy got a few treats 
but he had to show off his card. :)

Remember, I said it was after our baths,
so you're catching me a la natural. ;>

Lastly we topped off our Valentine weekend
with church, Sunday School and then 
breakfast at the All Steak, yum! 

Thanks for sharing in our fun.
I hope your Valentine was filled with family, 
good times, and LOVE


Booklover1212 said...

Looks like a perfect Valentine's weekend to me!!

~ Jennifer

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