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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Home Is Where Your Mom Is

Hi all!
Last week I finally revived my crafty creation mojo.
Not that I haven't wanted to be crafty,
I've just been b-u-s-y.
So, here's what got me going.
I have a sweet friend who is going through a divorce.
She and her adorable girls moved into our neighborhood,
a few doors down from us.
Since we'd already shown up at her house once without a gift,
I had to get with it.
My inspiration?
Home Is Where Your Mom Is.
Ever since I found out she & her girls would be starting over,
that line kept running through my mind. :)

I started with a Multipurpose Container,
$3 at the Dollar General.
Once at home it was time to fire up my trusty Cricut sidekick.
I cut all my letters on brown vinyl.
Next it was time for the tricky part...
appropriately space and place the letters . 
Much harder than it seems. :)
Now the yummy part,
add in all the goodies!

Ok at this point,
I must have gotten a little excited.
Because before I knew it I had added ribbons.
Oh how ribbons can take any project 
from drab to fab. 

Check out the cute heart on top.
No detail too small! :)
So please tell me, 
do you think it's as fabulous as I do?!
I really enjoyed my crafty creation.
I loved that it was an inexpensive
and practical gift .
Because anyone who's ever moved with children
knows you need handy snacks.
And, long after the snacks are gone
she has a sweet reminder that 
Home Is Where Your Mother Is.

Thanks for stopping by.
I can't wait to hear what you think! :D


pk @ Room Remix said...

That is so cute! It's also very thoughtful and I'm sure she really appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by, entering the giveaway and tweeting about it. Best of luck! Hope you're having a great night.

La TempĂȘte said...

That is such a lovely thought. I like how it turned out, too.

Tina said...

OMW!! You are so crafty! I am jealous...and I LOVE it!! Great job..what a sweet and thoughtful gift for your neighbor!

Kala said...

That is the sweetest gift ever! You're so thoughtful and I love the idea. I may have to make one myself :)

Leslie Hughes said...

This is a very creative gift!
Thank you for sharing =)

Carmie of The Single Nester said...

What a beautiful lovely gesture. Your children are very lucky to have a mom like you.

Formerly-Corn in My Coffee Pot said...


I like that it's convenient and snack sized portions. No over eating before meals.

good idea.

Tiff @ Making The World Cuter said...

Really cute and such a true statement! :) What a fun friend you are!
Thanks for sharing!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a great idea! I could also see using this for a variety of gifts {i.e. girls hair accessories with an appropriate phrase}. I'm sure she will be very appreciative of your thoughtfulness.

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