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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beautiful Saturday

Hi all, happy Saturday!
I hope ya'll are enjoying this fabulous weather as much as we are.
Today was so beautiful James and I had to make a stop off at the local nursery for some flowers.
Aside from the fact that I don't sweat pretty, I love warm weather!

We started off our day with T-ball pictures at the park.
I love watching 5 and 6 year olds have their pictures made.
The poor photographer is at the mercy of those spirited children.
During team pictures one little girl kept rubbing her eyes every time the photographer tried to snap a pic.
Poor guy!

While Joseph and Andy made their rounds doing yard work, James and I ran errands.
We also did a little cleaning and gave Maggie a bath.

Whew, going to Auburn last weekend was fun but playing catch up on house work is not!

The boys did top off our evening by grilling out steaks.
There is something about males, meat and fire.
It must be a guy thing!??
Our dinner was delicious, thanks boys!


Rachel McPhillips said...

I think something Auburn vomited on your family. You might want to clean it up! :)

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