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Monday, April 27, 2009

Painted Wood Party

Hi everyone, I want to introduce you to my "friend" Edie over at LifeInGrace.
I can't remember how I stumbled upon her blog, but thank goodness I did.
Edie has great decorating taste that I recreate regularly.
Yes, for those of you that remember my slight obsession with finding a bird to paint white, you can thank her! :D
We were meant to be "friends" because she reminds me of my real-life friend Lori.
We have the same fireplace.
And, she just left her full-time medical practice to be a stay at home mom.
Not that I had a medical practice.
But, I totally identify with leaving the hospital to prioritize home.
So with all that said, click on over to her blog!
She is hosting a party to celebrate painted wood.
Her painted wood project for today is Her Kitchen and it's gorgeous!


edie said...

Thank you so much, you're gonna make me blush! You have quite the handsome crew!

Hugs to you many blessings,
Miss Edie

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