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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Totally DO Windows!

I have to show you my latest creation. I'm so proud of how it turned out!
Here's the scoop...
My mom had several old windows in her garage. She had done a h-u-g-e picture window for her den. Since she was left with a few extras she was more than happy to send one my way.
I washed it down, sanded the rough edges and cleaned the glass. For a split second I thought about touching up the paint. BUT, then my lazy side convinced me otherwise. Thank goodness for that! ;>
Next I used my iphoto and a Walgreens coupon to print off black and white prints for 10 cents a piece. I selected a few of my favorites and a few of Rachel's newest work.
I picked up several sheets of scrapbook paper that had colors I wanted to accent with.
I used my handy dandy tape runner and attached the pics to the paper, and then the paper to the glass.
Of course I rounded the corners, because I love rounded corners!
Then I attached the picture hanging wire to the window. I did have to go back and tighten it because I didn't do it right the first time.
Finally, I hung it over the fireplace... I LOVE IT!!! It just brings so much color to the room.
Thanks Joseph for all your help. Without you I would have wound up on the hardwood floor with a window pane on my face!

I'm still working on my mantle. I really want to beautify it.
You will notice that I now have the most fabulous clock residing there. It's been passed down by my grandpa "Op", to my mom and now ME! Growing up it sat on our fireplace mantle. My mom refinished it and was always so careful with it. I can picture her hands setting the time on it. Just hearing the chime sounds like home. Thanks mom for making my mantle special!
So I'll keep playing with the mantle arrangement and see where it leads...

Here's a pic of the latest arrangement. James added a robin's egg he found to my infamous white bird. Thanks James, now my mantle is complete! :)


Anonymous said...

Creative. That's what it is.

http://somethingaboutparenting.typepad.comTwitter: AboutParenting

edie said...

Hi Sarah! I'm remote blogging from Cincinnati (homeschool conference---don't judge) and we must be soul sistas 'cause I love your window pics over 'our' fireplace....I do old windows too! Can't wait to snoop around on your blog. Thanks for visiting.

Janet said...

Your mantle looks great! The clock is perfect, the window is beautimous. Even the lamps work!

I'm so proud of you.

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