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Sunday, April 19, 2009

War Eagle Weekend

The ABC's of our War Eagle Weekend...

A is for Auburn, one of our favorite places to getaway.

B is for brick. We visited our brick outside the stadium.

C is for Cute Cheerleaders!

D is for Drake. James and Drake are like two peas in a pod!

E is for Emma. Because how often do we get to take a prissy little girl to Auburn?!

F is for fuzzy dice that James used to muffle the noise!

G is for going out on the field for the first time!

H is for the Hinsons striking a pose on the fifty yard line.

I is for interceptions on the field. (and for I can't lie, Joseph came up with that one!)

J is for Joseph & James.

K is for kids having fun!

L is for Lebo, Coach Lebo that is.

M is for memories that we'll enjoy forever.

N is for napping... just kidding, there was none of that! :D

O is for the orange and blue that filled the stadium.

P is for pizza! We enjoyed a delicious pizza lunch at the Mellow Mushroom.

Q is for Quentin Groves. The boys got autographs and pics with their favorite player!

R is for real friendship. Only real friends who know your quirks can vacation together!

S is for swimming at the hotel. James' favorite part of the vacation!

T is for taking a break from the game.

U is for Under Armor. The boys favorite sports wear!

V is for victory. We hope to see these players have lots of victories this fall.

W is for "What's your favorite color?" the question that James asked all the players he met.

X is for xtra large muscles! One player told Andy he could bench 450lbs!!!!!

Y is for the young men that represent Auburn University.

Z is for the z's that we were ready for at night!


Janet said...

I refuse to post on this blog! To quote Addison...PTHAHHHH! to Auburn. (But it was a cute blog.)

(Roll Tide)

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