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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Room With Personality

So, you start with this cute kid...

Whose room looks like this...

Which is ok, but doesn't have quite as much personality as the boy who sleeps there.

You throw in a mom who is really enjoying her new found redecoranging skills...

She thrives on this low cost - high imagination type project.
So she busts a move over to the Thrift Store.
And she finds these sad frames.
The cost for all four is $2.00!

Then this charming dad picks up a couple of cans of navy spray paint...

The frames are lightly sanded, cleaned and then painted with a glossy navy blue...

A handsome young man volunteers to help.
He takes these old boxes...

And he cuts needed backings for the frames...

You pick up some coordinating sheets of scrapbook paper at the Hobby Lobby.
They just happened to be on sale!
You use a tape runner to secure the paper to the cardboard.
Then you trim off the excess paper...

You center the paper in the frame.
Push gently and firmly.
Then secure the tabs...

It's looking pretty good but we're not through yet...

We still need to accent with the vehicles on the bedding.
So in comes a mom-made drawing on bright card stock.
We use our tape runner to hold it in place.
And we remind ourselves that it "doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful"...

We repeat these steps for all four frames.
Once the frames are dry "enough" we add picture hangers to the back.
And, VOILA personality plus ...

Creative Note:
The airplane picture will be modified once I purchase additional scrapbook paper.
I should have bought two pages of the same print for this frame.
Live and learn, right?!

Also, I am not sure if this is the final solution for this wall.
I feel as if there is still something missing?
I tried this...

With the intent of adding ribbon to all the frames.
Big Daddy said I just added too much girlyness.
So, I'm going to live with it and let it speak to me.
I also have plans for curtains.
I'm thinking simple and bright.
What do you think?
Come on, be nice, but give me some ideas! :D


Rachel McPhillips said...

They look wonderful!! I have to agree with Nandy... maybe the green ribbon bow is too girly? But, I do have girls... :) does he need a matching hair bow for his chuck taylors?

Janet said...

I love the pictures! Where is my daughter, and what have you done with her??? I also agree with ribbon.

Allison Swafford said...

I Love the new pictures. Just an FYI- for that room to have as much personality as James- you have got your work cut out for you. But you are well on your way!:)

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