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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Girls, Cousins and Crafts

Yesterday was busy...
did I say busy?
Because I meant really B-U-S-Y!!!

I ran around all morning till it was time to eat lunch with the girls. Fun yes, and totally girly!
My sister Rachel (and her girls Addie and Claire), along with my good friend Allison (and her youngest daughter Callie) and myself all ate lunch at Grumpy's. The food was ok, but the entertainment was the BEST!!! We put Addie and Callie in highchairs beside each other. They were hilarious! Feeding each other, stealing from one another and blabbering! It was complete joy watching those two interact. My favorite part was when Addie grabbed my purse (yes, of course I let those two angels play in my purse!) and took off saying "Go Work" and Callie trailed right in behind her!

After lunch Allison, Callie and I made a trip to the Thrift Store. I needed some picture frames and I still hadn't found a bird to spray paint. SCORE, I got everything I needed for $10.25! I'll keep you posted on the bird project!!

Of course girls can't get together and not bust a move over to the Hobby Lobby. I was talking about decorating for Spring when Allison showed me these great bunches of daisies. And you know they were half price... SCORE again!! I also picked up something called itsy-BEAD-sies. The boys said they looked like english peas but whatever. They filled the bottom of the vases perfectly. Here's pics of my new arrangements. They don't yet have a home, but I'll get there.

My next event for the day was a visit with the cousins. James and Ben enjoyed floating boats down the creek. They were kind enough to pose for a few pics. Joseph and Nick spent some time playing the Wii, no surprise there. To top it off, Franny and Frandaddy cooked a delicious dinner for everyone!

And finally it was time to head home.
Rachel and John came by with the girls for a few minutes. I think maybe they were picking up a few DVDs. The kids played together... Addie loves to play football with the boys! As they were leaving Joseph helped Addie with her shoes. Those two knuckleheads trying to put on her shoes were like a circus act!!


Rachel McPhillips said...

I think you should put those flowers on your junk pile, I mean, your desk! :)

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