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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Tooth Fairy Can Retrieve LOST Teeth!

And so it goes...
The last 12 hrs here At Home With The Hinsons has been a bit wild. James had his first game, with most of the family there to cheer him on. But, NOTHING can compare to loosing your 1st tooth! I do believe he told every stranger he met about this life altering event.
Our game was late, so two weary parents prepped James for bed. He had his dinner, bath and jammy tales. Now all he needed was a kiss goodnight. Until he got a GREAT IDEA... James decided to brush that tooth just one last time. He wouldn't want to give the tooth fairy a dirty tooth. Yep, that's right as Andy hollered NO!!!!!!!!!! James dropped that sweet 1st tooth down the drain, never to be seen again! Oh we tried. Andy took apart the pipes. Joseph concocted a tooth retrieving device. No luck. All while James sobbed uncontrollably.
That's when he got his second GREATEST IDEA... he would simply get his lunch box, bite the strap, loosen a second tooth, pull it, and place that tooth under the pillow. Yes, our night was quickly going downhill! That was when I slowed the room from spinning long enough to intervene. I had James write a letter to the tooth fairy explaining what happened. He left the note under his pillow. We talked about the importance of listening to your parents. And a very exhausted James went to sleep hugging the tooth fairy pillow (empty tooth pocket and all).
This morning James woke up to find that the tooth fairy is a very understanding gal. She read his note and left his money in the pillow. She must have checked his mouth because he had fairy dust on his face! As one very happy little boy went to the sink to brush his teeth he found more fairy dust. That's right, the tooth fairy is so fabulous, she must have retrieved it from the sink. You know she lives in a house made from all the teeth she collects. And no fairy house would be complete without the 1st tooth of James Hinson!


Allison Swafford said...

Only James Hinson!!! This is the sweetest story in the whole world!!

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