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Monday, April 13, 2009

Not Me Monday Part 7...

Happy Not Me Monday boys & girls!
The day when anything can and will happen.

This Not Me Monday started out right.
Before my lips had tasted a drop of coffee I heard this statement...
"The weather last night must have been bad, a tree's down in the front yard. I'm on my way to Wal-Mart to buy a CHAINSAW!!!"
Yes, that's right, my Big Daddy of Love was purchasing a power tool.
I was appropriately nervous!
Thankfully I had errands to run so I missed the big event.
It seems Andy and Joseph used a little team work.
Andy (wise man that he is) used this opportunity to teach Joseph how to handle a chainsaw.
By the time I came home the tree was cut and hauled off.
Most impressively, NOBODY was injured.
Wow, that was easy!

The cherry topping on this Not Me Monday came from the mouth of James.
He was taking his bath and I was at the sink taking out my contacts.
James: Mama, last night I got soap in my wink and I had to pee it out. AND IT BURNED!!!
Mama: Oh baby I'm so sorry, I bet it did burn!
James: Yeah, did that ever happen to you Mama, when you were a little girl?
Mama: Yes it did and it hurt really bad.
James: SO, you got soap in your VAGINA?!
Mama: YES SON, I did. By this point I am praying for the conversation to end!
James: You know what... VAGINA, that sounds like some kinda PASTA!
Mama: Unable to respond verbally, only able to stare blankly towards James...
Mama: Yes son, I do.
Honestly, we should become more modest.
There has NEVER been a good conversation that took place in the bathroom...
especially on a Not Me Monday!!!


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