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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week In Review

There were a couple of fun times this week that I wanted to revisit with you.

We'll start out with my baby sister's birthday.
She turned 25 this week.
I think she may be having a hard time with it.
My only consolation is that whatever her age, I'm always older than her!
We celebrated with an Italian Girl's lunch at Lombardo's.

Here's our Mom with Addison and Claire.

The birthday girl herself!

Rachel has a friend that bakes most of the cakes for our family.
This year Rachel chose a white cake with strawberry filling, yum ;>
Her charming husband had them add on "Quarter of a Century"!!!

Our other big event this week was t-ball.
James had games on Tuesday and Thursday.
Tuesday night we froze.
And then...
Thursday (with jackets in tow) we enjoyed a beautiful evening!
Here are a few pics from the games.

James with Ethan (our friend and team-mate)

Big Daddy of Love

James At Bat


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