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Monday, April 6, 2009

Not Me Monday Part 6...

Hi everyone & welcome back to Not Me Monday. The day where anything can & will happen.
Today started out like most...
With me running around getting the kids ready and taking them to school. Of course I was wearing my morning uniform (which consists of a velcro towel, robe and slippers).
Today was James' field trip to the BJCC, to see Stephen Fite in concert. You see I was already struggling with the fact that my baby boy was going to load up on a bus and traveling 60 miles without me there to chaperone. That's right, I volunteered, but wasn't chosen to go. Not that I'm bitter or anything! With that background info shared, on with the story.
So we're on our way to school, me half naked, mostly worried and completely frenzied. That's when Joseph noticed that it might rain. After sharing his observation I replied, "Well maybe it'll wait and rain after James makes it home safely from his field trip".
That's when James little wheels started turning...
James: "Well, if our bus catches on fire then the rain can put it out!"
Mama: "Uh, no James, your bus isn't gonna be put out by the rain."
Before I could say anything else he added "Oh, so if my bus catches on fire I'll just die?!"
Mama: "NO, there'll be NO fire, NO dying and NO bus ride today - YOU'RE STAYING HOME!!!"
It was at this point my sweet, tender hearted Joseph started crying. The kind of crying where his face turns red and puffs up.
That's right, you guessed it, this half naked and completely exasperated Mama turned her bus around and both Hinson boys stayed home from school!
Now honestly, this would have never happened on a Tuesday or Wednesday.
It's gotta be Not Me Monday!!!
Here's a pic of us making the most of our day with some lunch :)


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